HIV and Aids Unit HIV and Aids Unit

We Will: 

 Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of resource mobilization, allocation and service delivery through joint planning and effective coordination mechanisms. 

 Strengthen the coordination and management of the multi-sectoral responses in the region through CACOC and RACOC meetings on a quarterly basis. 

 Promote and create awareness to our community members on a weekly basis. 

 Organize HIV and AIDS campaigns in the region on a quarterly basis. 

 Facilitate equitable and accessibility of HIV and AIDS services to people at all times. 

 Strive to reduce stigma by maintaining a high degree of confidentiality at all times.

 Facilitate the provision of Life Skills education to out-of-school youth on a quarterly basis. 

 Ensure the availability of condoms in all corners of the region throughout the year.

Servces Standards you can Expect from Us Servces Standards you can Expect from Us

How to access our Services How to access our Services

Our services can be accessed through face to face consultations, emails, telephones, reports and media publication at our Regional Head Office, Settlement Offices and Constituency Offices at the following numbers:

Suggestions Suggestions

Suggestions, proposals and comments can be effected through existing development committees and formal communication to the Directorate of Planning and Development Services.