The Directorate of Planning and Development Services is responsible for physical and socio-economic development planning of the region. It comprises of three divisions namely: 

 Development Planning

Is responsible for data collection, processing and analyses, information dissemination, implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of socio-economic development programmes.

 Engineering Services

Is responsible for technical planning, design of physical infrastructures, contract administration of capital projects, works inspection and maintenance.

 Rural Services

Coordinate, implement, monitor and evaluate Rural Development Programmes to improve the livelihood of rural communities.

 HIV and AIDS Unit from Community Health Directorate is administratively linked to the Planning Directorate

Plan, coordinate, implement, monitor and evaluate regional multisectoral HIV and AIDS responses. 


 Communities and General public

 Offices, Ministries, and Agencies

 State Owned Enterprises

 Regional Councils 

 Local Authorities 

 Traditional Authorities

 Development Partners

 NGOs and Society Organization

 Private Sector



We will:

 Strengthen development committees through trainings after every three (3) years and upon request. 

 Facilitate the identification, formulation and appraisal of development projects through participatory planning    within the Financial Year period.

 Coordinate the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes on a monthly basis.

 Provide statistical information on request in a period of three (3) to four (4) weeks.

 Promote local economic development through SME development on annual basis.


We will:

 Sensitize clients and stakeholders through inception meetings prior to commencement of projects.

 Engage consultant to assist with land use planning, design & documentation, and supervision of physical infrastructure every Financial Year.

 Oversee the preparation of Town Planning Schemes in Settlement areas throughout the planning process.

 Recommend for the allocation of works to private contractors to assist with renovations and maintenance of public infrastructure within seven (7) working days.

Coordinate the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes on a monthly basis.

 Verify payment certificates of contractors and professional fees of consultants within fourteen (14) days. 

 Respond to maintenance emergency cases within 24 hours up on reporting.

Conduct site inspections in fourteen (14) working days up on receipt of the invoice. 


We will:

 Assess rural community needs and assist in project formulation on annual basis

 Ensure implementation of Rural Development Projects through sector coordination

 Conduct project appraisal exercises from June to August every year.

 Recommend and seek council approval for actual implementation as from September every year.

 Coordinate and implement rural development projects within the Financial Year. 

 Provide technical assistance to project beneficiaries on a monthly basis

 Promote marketing of the produce from projects through exposure events

 Monitor and evaluate all Regional Council approved rural projects, monthly for three (3) consecutive years.

 Place the advert for Micro Finance, Rural Employment Scheme and One Region One Initiative, and call for project proposal.


Servces Standards you can Expect from Us Servces Standards you can Expect from Us

How to access our Servcies How to access our Servcies

Our services can be accessed through face to face consultations, emails, telephones, reports and media publication at our Regional Head Office, Settlement Offices and Constituency Offices at the following numbers:

Suggestions Suggestions

Suggestions, proposals and comments can be effected through existing development committees and formal communication to the Directorate of Planning and Development Services.

Handling of queries Handling of queries

Directorate queries should be directed to the Private Secretary:


Tel: 00264 65264 300

We dedicate ourselves to client satisfaction in attending to queries, issues and problems within fire (5) working days.