Engineering Services Engineering Services

We will:

 Sensitize clients and stakeholders through inception meetings prior to commencement of projects.

 Engage consultant to assist with land use planning, design & documentation, and supervision of physical infrastructure every Financial Year.

 Oversee the preparation of Town Planning Schemes in Settlement areas throughout the planning process.

 Recommend for the allocation of works to private contractors to assist with renovations and maintenance of public infrastructure within seven (7) working days.

Coordinate the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes on a monthly basis.

 Verify payment certificates of contractors and professional fees of consultants within fourteen (14) days. 

 Respond to maintenance emergency cases within 24 hours up on reporting.

Conduct site inspections in fourteen (14) working days up on receipt of the invoice.

Servces Standards you can Expect from Us Servces Standards you can Expect from Us

How to access our Services How to access our Services

Our services can be accessed through face to face consultations, emails, telephones, reports and media publication at our Regional Head Office, Settlement Offices and Constituency Offices at the following numbers:

Suggestions Suggestions

Suggestions, proposals and comments can be effected through existing development committees and formal communication to the Directorate of Planning and Development Services.