Main Activities

Implementation of Communal Land Reform Act, No 5 of 2002,
    Communal Land Right registration,
    Customary land rights,
    Rights of leasehold and occupational land i.e. Schools, churches, Government office in communal land as well as
    Communal land dispute. The act is implemented by the Ohangwena communal land board has 13 members from
    various institutions as per the CLRF, no 2 of 2005.

Implementation of Agricultural Commercial Land Reform Act No 6 of 1995.

Allocation of commercial farms for Resettlement purposes through the Ohangwena Regional Resettlement

Resettlement farms available only once they are advertised by the Ministry of Land Reform, head office.

All information are disseminated to all Constituency Councilors office for the community to apply.

Management of San Group Resettlement (Ekoka, Eedobe, Oshanashiwa and Onamatadiva)

Providing the San Community with Housing, Water infrastructure, Fencing infrastructure, Subsistence food
    production (ploughing services, ) Gardening

Development of Communal Land; Small Scale Commercial Farms, 13 with leasehold, One Cooperative (Ohangululu
    Cooperatives). Provide farmers with fencing and water infrastructure as well as advisory services on rangeland  
    management, water management and livestock marketing.

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